The way to order is on their website

1️⃣ Log in with your mobile number, Then press “Send Verification Code” after receiving the verification code 💬

2️⃣ Select the desired card, then click “Add Card to Cart 🛒”

3️⃣ Click on the cart icon at the bottom left, then click “Proceed to Checkout” 📲

4️⃣ Fill in your personal information 📝

5️⃣ Choose the payment method that suits you best. Then click “Complete Order” 👍

6️⃣ The code will appear directly (within seconds) and it will be sent via SMS and Email as well 🤳

And a thousand congratulations to you 🥳🥰🤍

🚩 Notes 🚩

⬅️ To access my order list, click the following link (click here) 📦

⬅️ If you did not receive the code or/and you have a problem with the site, just contact us on Twitter / Instagram / Whatsapp ⚠️